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Sketch Drawer

Transforms your favorite photos into pro-looking drawings and sketches
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Turning your favorite photographs into pro-looking sketches and drawings can be as simple process as selecting a preset and clicking on it when using Sketch Drawer. If in a creative mood, you can also use the set of sliders provided to customize the thickness or the intensity of the edges and the strokes easily, thus adding your personal touch to the resulting sketch.

The program can work with any number of image files in any of the most popular formats. You can apply any of the existing presets, with or without your own settings, to various images at a time making use of the tool’s Batch Mode. The way the program works is completely intuitive. A small window in the center of the image will show you a sample of the expected outcome, reflecting in real time any changes you make in the original photo. Thus, you can use this small window as your guide through the entire conversion process, allowing you to compare different strokes and edges for the contour, and whatever adjustments you wish to apply within the Hatching and Colorize departments. The “Run” button will let you perform the conversion process in the entire picture, while the “Undo” button will allow you to go back to a previous stage whenever the results don’t meet you expectations.

When the drawing finally reflects what you had in mind, you can save the entire picture or crop a section of it, and save it in your favorite image file format, size, and quality. You can add either a text or an image-based watermark to the final sketch before saving it, and thus assert your authorship.

Sketch Drawer has been clearly designed to help all kinds of users to produce professional hand-made drawings of selected photographs in no time and with a minimum of effort. Its excellent usability and its wide range of presets offer the right combination of comfort and creativity that makes it suitable for both amateurs and professionals.

Francisco Martínez
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  • One-click presets for quick conversions.
  • Slide-based controls for easy customization processes.
  • Wide variety of color and black-and-white sketch techniques


  • No drawbacks found in the review
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